Why stem cell surgery in India

cell surgery

Stem cell therapy is performed by some of the highly skilful and qualified surgeons in the country. In fact most of the hospitals in India have state of art infrastructure that could be compared to the best in the world. So what are stem cells? They have the capacity to take shape into different cells in the human body. With the aid of stem cells you go on to treat the cancer cells. This could be obtained from the bone marrow of the patient, blood or the umbilical cord. All of them are being combined together which provides a genetic aspect to it as well.

The stem cells are found in small quantities in the human body. Say for example, the bone stem cells are normally found in the bone marrow which could lead to the formation of new cell types

The biological process involves repair of the damaged cells. The function is exploited by administering high concentrations into the damaged tissues. It evolves through the process of self-healing. The mode of the working is still unknown but it is assumed that the stem cells go on to activate certain substances that does take a toll on the damaged tissue. Most of the scientists would agree to the fact that stem cell therapy has lifesaving potential

If stem cell therapy is advocated for the patient, a detailed plan of treatment is being prepared. Once the patient has agreed for a plan, then the extraction of bone marrow tends to take place. For the patients it is suggested that they do not use any blood thinning medication.

As per medical experts all form of treatment relating to stem cell therapy is experimental in both India and when you do compare it to the rest of the world. The ratio of the success depends on the individual needs of the patient. There are certain guidelines that have been put in place since 2007 and it has to be stated that it works out to be re enforceable. In the current situation this form of treatment is legal in India whereas the other forms of treatment are ok to be conducted. Though it has to be mentioned that some form of treatment are being restricted.

The success rate as far as stem cell surgery in India cost works out to be near to 80 %.  Coupled with the fact that when you compare the cost of treatment to the advanced countries of the world you are bound to make savings to the margin of 50 %. In addition most of the hospitals have zero waiting lists and it would mean that the surgery is performed a couple of days you are admitted. Having said so the success rate evolves upon the procedures along with the quality of treatment administered. The condition and the disease being treated have a huge say in this regard. To figure out more about it you would need to get in touch with your medical institute and ask them important questions.


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