Malai Kofta: Vegetarian Paradise

Malai Kofta Vegetarian Paradise

North Indian delicacies have forever been causing tongues to salivate. Every dish from the region has its own distinct flavour which separates it from the norm. One such preparation that is especially lip smacking is the malai kofta. Everyone has had it once at least, and everyone wishes to have it again and again, for varying reasons.

Widely Popular

Malai kofta is one of the most popular North Indian dishes. It is widely available and very much loved. A gravy based dish, it is the go to choice of curry to be had with roti. Its popularity is widely acknowledged. At all functions and celebrations, one can find a platter of malai kofta for this very reason. Its immense popularity contributes to its omnipresence. It is no wonder that many look for malai kofta recipe in hindi.

Delicious Dish

Fried balls immersed in creamy gravy: the mere description of malai kofta is enough to send the taste buds into a savoury overdrive. This curry based dish is a delectable preparation is a delight to behold. This is not only due to the taste palette soothing flavour of the dish, but also due to its visually appealing look. One of the many reasons why malai kofta is so favoured is, indeed, due to its flavour.

Vegetarian Favourite

Often, in the hype over meat based items, vegetarians feel left out. It seems as if not much thought is put into the dishes that are meant to cater to them. Malai kofta is a vegetarian preparation that they can always rely upon. It is a dish that is popular even among non-vegetarians due to its taste. Thus, it is no wonder that it is one of the most sought after curries by vegetarians themselves.

Restaurant Style Dish

Due to the universal appeal of the malai kofta, it is extremely popular in restaurants. Not only does it serve the purpose of appealing to the vegetarian demographic, it also increases the diversity of the menu of any restaurant it is available at. Moreover, the preparation of the koftas within the tomato and onion gravy is an intricate art that is perfected by restaurant style cooking.

Available Online

Not only is malai kofta available in various restaurants, it is also available online. How is that? Well, that is so due to the myriad recipes those have been uploaded. Now anyone can just search for the recipe online if they have a craving for malai kofta. They do not have to rely on external sources any longer. Also available is malai kofta recipe in hindi, which allows an individual to not only get the recipe in a different language, but also understand it better.

Online recipes are the future of cooking. The procedure is explained in a lucid manner, which enables everyone to understand the method of preparation in one try. Whipping up delicacies like malai kofta is now a matter of child’s play. It is all thanks to such internet innovations that everyone can become a chef.


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