Learn about Some Deadly Diseases Caused By Smoking


Smoking is really injurious to your health and your overall well-being. The habit of smoking cigarettes is sure to kill you someday. However, before dying you would be experiencing some of the worst diseases that are triggered by smoking cigarettes. Here are some dreadful diseases caused by smoking.

Heart Disease

Smoking would be harming and damaging every organ present in your body and that may include your heart. Smoking could be causing blockages in your arteries and since the passages are gradually narrowing down the artery is not able to supply regular or normal flow of oxygen and blood to your heart. When statistics revealed a dip in the overall cigarette consumption rate in the United States, one could also observe a slump in the rates of heart diseases across the nation. However, till today heart disease remains the primary cause of death in the U.S.A.

Lung Cancer

Statistics have revealed that more people have lost their lives due to lung cancer as compared to any other kind of cancer. As per clinical experts, cigarette smoking is identified as the biggest risk factor that precipitates lung cancer. 87% of the total lung cancer deaths in the United States have been attributed to cigarette smoking. Your chances of surviving for even five years post-diagnosis of lung cancer is rather slim about 1 in every 5 cases.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


COPD is supposed to be a sort of obstructive lung ailment that involves difficulty in breathing. It may culminate in early death or severe long-term disability. COPD symptoms start when you find yourself finding it rather difficult to stay active. Any kind of physical activity right from playing with grandchildren or even climbing short flights of stepsto simply walking becomes almost impossible and truly draining. COPD could compel people to stay confined to their homes. Those afflicted with this serious health condition find it too taxing to do the normal things of life and cannot imagine going out on their own to meet friends. It has been proved that around 80% of all COPD cases have been triggered by cigarette smoking. Moreover, COPD is supposed to be the third foremost cause of death in the U.S.A.


Asthma is supposed to be a chronic disease of the lung that really makes it challenging to breathe normally. As cigarette smoking is known to irritate and disrupt the air passages, it could cause severe and sudden asthma attacks. Statistics have demonstrated that asthma is a truly serious clinical condition that has widely affected the people in the United States; over 26 million Americans suffer from asthmatic attacks.


Smoking is known to impact your arteries adversely; hence, it could be triggering a stroke. You must be aware that a stroke would take place when there is a temporary disruption or blockage in the supply of blood to your brain. When your brain cells seem to be deprived of oxygen, they begin to die. We know that a stroke could trigger slurred speech, paralysis, altered brain function, and even death.


You must quit smoking. Quitting could help in adding more years to one’s life. Smokers who are able to successfully quit this habit before they are forty years of age are able to minimize their risk of an early death due to smoking-associated diseases. Quitting would not only safeguard you from these serious health conditions but it would also safeguard your near and dear ones from the hazardous secondhand smoke.

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