How To Take Care Of Spinal Problems


People suffer from a lot of sudden diseases because of the stressful life that they lead. Problems with spinal cord mostly begins with the habit of sitting at one place and working for the whole day in a single position without moving, this puts a lot of pressure on spinal cord, shoulders and neck joints leading to pain and nervous problems.

Spinal abnormalities according to the doctors can be of two types. It can either be neurological or can be mechanical. The mechanical ones can happen if one leads a very poor lifestyle and not so good and healthy habits. There can be a lot of stress on their shoulder which leads to neck and back pains. On the other hand, the neurological problems mainly develop if there is a nerve root pain or injury or if there is any tumour or spinal cord compressions. If one faces severe back or neck pain, the initial treatments that are done to release that pain are motion exercises, physiotherapy or lumber injections. But if it still continues, then one has to take a serious consultation from a doctor.

Spinal surgeries are mainly minimally invasive techniques surgeries which are followed. It is very beneficial. In this case the procedure includes some smaller incisions and it causes very less damage to the surrounding tissues. Even the patients also not have to stay in the hospital bed for a long time as this can ensure a definite faster recovery. One can get this facility of surgery at the best hospitals for spine surgery in India.

But sometimes there are other measures that can be done instead of a surgery. The primary one as an alternative treatment is acupuncture. This was first found in China and this has come down through centuries as a part of the traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is mainly done with fine needles and thus it brings back the lost health in you by releasing the pain. Here the needles that are used are like some thin strands of hair and they are inserted in the affected area for 20 to 40 minutes. As the needles go in, the body releases endorphins and serotonin which actually help in the healing process.

To stay away from spinal pains, one needs to take some daily measures. People need to stretch out at regular intervals in a day. They need to stretch their neck and back every two hours to keep their joint functioning and having a good range of motion. It also reduces the risk of injury. It is a very good idea to start the day with few good stretches and it helps one to stay active. Sleeping well is very important to stay healthy. Every human needs a proper good night sleep so that the body gets time to repair. This is not only about the spine health but also the stomach and other nerves in a human body. Try to sleep in a pillow which is in a proper alignment with your neck.


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