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cell surgery

Why stem cell surgery in India

Stem cell therapy is performed by some of the highly skilful and qualified surgeons in the country. In fact most of the hospitals in...

Kegel Exercise, the Healthiest Exercise for the Pelvic Tightening

Kegel Exercise work out, otherwise called pelvic floor work out, comprises of over and over contracting and unwinding the muscles that shape some portion...

Role of Electrotherapeutic Treatment in Physiotherapy

Electrotherapy makes the use of electrical signs to helpin the process of transmitting the neural pain signals into the brain. From a physiotherapy perspective,...

Knee Exercise, the One Step Guide for the Healthy Living

Knee pain is pain in or round the Knee Exercise. The genus consists of between four bones: the femoris, tibia, calf bone and patella. There...
Dialysis course

Dialysis course: FAQ’s on Common kidney Dialysis

Those undergoing the dialysis course will be able to get answers to some of the common questions pertaining to kidney dialysis. Knowing them will...